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Doctors explained how dangerous physical inactivity

Медики объяснили, чем опасна гиподинамияDoctors said, can lead a sedentary lifestyle.

Lack of exercise is evolving as quickly as it appears overweight. More precisely, these two phenomena go under the arm, because their cause is sedentary work, lack of movement and physical activity in everyday life.

Physical inactivity is the condition when muscles are weakened to the limit. This violation is considered pathological and requires immediate intervention by physicians, because it can lead to serious consequences.

Who is at risk?

In the modern world the concept of “lack of exercise” is widely known because many people move a little, are overweight or even obese, and eat properly. They can all face the fact that their muscles will weaken or atrophy, and to restore them will be extremely difficult.

Symptoms of inactivity, which should alert you:

– drowsiness and fatigue;

bad mood turns into excessive irritability;

– increased appetite and rapid weight gain;

– reduction of disability and chronic fatigue.

Dangerous than lack of exercise?

Headaches and impaired brain function. This happens because during inactivity, the oxygen enters the blood in the required amount.

Obesity. Even the slender man, ceasing to move, gain extra weight and that’s a fact.

Cardiovascular disease. It leads to obesity and poor nutrition, the cause of which is just lack of exercise.

Hormonal failure. Thyroid gland that controls the production of hormones in the human body, can not fully work, if the person all the time lying/sitting, and even eating everything except healthy products.

Disturbed metabolism. Constipation and skin is only part of the unpleasant consequences of metabolic disorders, which will surely happen if it comes to physical inactivity.

A weak immune system. Again, the reason is that the person is not breathing fresh air, not moving and feeds on harmful food, and the immune system needs vitamins, oxygen, minerals, and other nutrients.

To the prevention of physical inactivity include: active lifestyle, exercise, fresh air, swimming in the pool or in any body of water, Cycling, Jogging, morning exercises and so on.

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