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Doctors explained how dangerous clothes from the thrift store

Медики объяснили, чем опасна одежда из секонд-хэндаDue to low prices, the popularity of second-hand grows.

According to unofficial statistics, 60-80% of Ukrainians buy clothes here.

Buy used clothing, mostly students and pensioners. “Come large families, pensioners. Exclusive we buy more than wealthy buyers”, – says the seller of second-hand Jeanne. The range for every taste and budget.

But is it safe to wear these clothes? After all, before the sale, it is treated with chemicals. “Every thing is treated with a special substance. Then this substance, as far as I know, once displayed. The exact technology I will not tell you because she personally didn’t do it”, – said the Director of the store is second-hand Alexander Kubetin. 27_resultОднако doctors say that things handle hazardous formaldehyde. “Whether it gets into the body through inhalation and have a negative effect primarily on the nervous system, the respiratory system, the reproductive system,” – says the doctor-the dermatologist Irina Litus. That is simply breathing in the second hand store can cause asthma, spur some existing chronic diseases, and cause something new. In addition, formaldehyde is a carcinogen that can cause cancer.

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Through wearing you can catch illness of the previous owner. And not only lice and scabies, and ringworm and color. “Anyone can catch head lice, scabies. It can be transmitted through, for example, woolen garments that are very hard to handle and disinfect,” warns dermatologist.

However, if the clothes soak in water, wash with the highest temperature, and then carefully Pat, from the health hazards you are insured, convince the doctors.

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