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Doctors excited about health of Ukrainians

Медики взволнованы здоровьем украинцевHealth staff knocked out the sad statistics.

The health of the citizens of Ukraine is on the brink of disaster, as evidenced by both domestic and international statistics.

The criterion of health is life expectancy.

Today, the state of health of Ukrainians could be called a crisis. One of the main indicators of the quality of the health system in the evaluation criteria of the world health organization (who) is life expectancy. Here, the fundamentals are very are like little indicators of a civilized European state.

In the ranking of countries in terms of life expectancy, the who by the end of 2015 (latest available data), Ukraine occupies 111th place out of 190 countries with an average life expectancy of 71 years.

For reference: all European neighbours located above us: Poland – 43 place (77.4 years), Hungary – 66 (75.2 years), Romania – 76 (74,7). And that’s not to mention the leaders of the rating Hong Kong, Japan and Italy, whose residents on average live more than 83 years!

Domestic Ukrainian statistics also life-affirming call. All the years of independence, mortality exceeds the birth rate, and the difference in life expectancy at birth between men and women in many regions of the country reaches 10 years and above!

At the end of the spring Kyiv international Institute of sociology (KIIS) conducted all-Ukrainian poll of public opinion. By personal interview 2040 respondents were respondents living in 108 settlements in all regions of Ukraine except Crimea. In the Luhansk and Donetsk regions survey was conducted only in the territories controlled by Ukraine.

In KIIS reminded that track the dynamics of self-reported health by the Ukrainians in 1995. And survey data show that over the past two years, the level of health of our fellow citizens has remained virtually unchanged: compared to 2015 surveys do not record any improvement, nor significant deterioration in self-assessment residents of the state of their health.

In particular, in may 2017, 38% of respondents assessed their health as good (including 6% as very good), 41% as average (neither good nor bad), 20% as bad (including 4% as very bad).

In KIIS state: the state of health is influenced by a number of factors, including age, gender, level of material welfare, place of residence.

It is obvious that most closely health is associated with age: the older a person is, the higher the probability that it will have certain health problems. For example, according to the joint research 2015-2017, if aged 18-29 years healthy feel 70%, in the age of 40-49 years – 39%, and among those older than 70 years – only 6%.

They also found that self-assessed health status is affected by gender: all age group men rate their health slightly better than women. But in General among Ukrainians over the age of 18 consider themselves to be healthy 45% of men and 33% women.

Continues to maintain a close relationship between health and level of well-being: the higher the material standard of living, the more those who can boast of good health. According to the survey of 2015-2017, among the poorest people (i.e. those who do not have enough money even for food), healthy called himself only 21%, while among people with a relatively high level of material wealth (who can afford buying expensive items) – 70%. Researchers say that there is nothing surprising in these results. Because a higher level of well-being provides the best opportunity for care for their own health, disease prevention and treatment.

The percentage of those who feel healthy, are slightly higher in cities (40%) than in rural areas (34%). To KIIS explain that this may be due to the working conditions and material levels (which are significantly higher in cities) and with different access to health care (network of medical institutions is more developed in cities).

By the way, the authors came to an interesting conclusion: health status is an important condition for happiness: among those who consider their health very good, happy feeling 88%, while among those with poor health, is only 19%.

From the foregoing the conclusion is obvious: the state of health of Ukrainians, to put it mildly, leaves much to be desired. And led to this crisis, several major factors: the poor financial situation of the population, not the best ecology, are not always adequate and affordable medical care. But the main reason is what not the first year, doctors say – lies in ourselves. And it is in an indifferent relationship to their own health and lack of desire for a healthy lifestyle.

Physicians sound alarm: the Ukrainians do not like and do not hurry to seek medical help, leave a trip to the doctor, resulting in complicated disease, and to treat them becomes more problematic. Meanwhile, according to the who expert, health only 10% depends on the level of development of medical aid. 20% it depends on environmental conditions, at the same rate is due to hereditary predisposition to disease, and 50% the health of each individual depends on his lifestyle!

That is, half of the factors are fully managed, and every person has a great capacity to protect their health, based on physical activity, nutrition, addictions, regular health monitoring and early diagnosis of diseases.

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