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Doctors do not recommend to clean your ears with cotton sticks

Врачи не рекомендуют чистить уши ватными палочкамиScientists urged to abandon the cotton sticks for cleaning ears, as such hygiene is fraught with irreversible processes.

Update of the Horny layer of the skin the latter in combination with the movements of the lower jaw provide gradual removal of the sulfur out.

Due to anatomical and physiological features of the ear canal in a number of people (usually children) can sometimes be excessive earwax build up.

To clean the external auditory canal some people use assistive technology, such as cotton swabs (buds). However, according to the authors of the updated manual, based on six randomized controlled studies, five systematic reviews and three clinical guidelines, called this practice unacceptable.

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In particular, scientists recommend to abandon the excessive washing of the ears and cleaning them by the introduction of foreign objects as this can cause irritation of the auditory canal, the infection and the offset of the auditory bones. When hearing loss and the sensation of ear stuffiness the authors of the document are encouraged to seek medical help and get expert advice.

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Specimen collection swab – sterile probe is a swab consisting of a porous material. Despite the fact that the buds of cotton wool can be positioned as a tool for cleaning the ear canal, they are not designed for this. Such sticks are widely used in surgery to drain the surgical wound, cavity, sampling of biological materials and their subsequent transport.Go to the Main page

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