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Doctors do not recommend starting a “new life” from January 1,

Врачи не рекомендовали начинать «новую жизнь» с 1 январяBefore the New year, each gives a promise to be better: to lose weight, exercise and eat right.

British dermatologist Daniel glass identified four main problems why this cannot be done without the advice of a nutritionist, physician, and trainer.

It all starts with a rigid diet, which really shows the result and you will lose weight, but there are other effects: hair loss. About 10% of all hair are in the growth stage is a continuous process.

If the person is in severe physical or emotional stress, and malnutrition provokes both of these factors, the majority of hair on your growth cycle, because nutrition is not enough at all. And after the growth cycle, the hair usually falls out to give the new growth. But they will not appear because they have nothing to eat.

The second point: the refusal of red meat and carbohydrates is the most dramatic moment for the skin. Most diets advise the user to restrict or cut out foods such as red meat, whole grains and cereals are a major source of iron.

A deficiency of this vitamin leads to itching of the skin and hair loss.

Consult a nutritionist and a dermatologist to compose a diet that will allow you to lose weight and not important elements.

Strong physical exertion untrained muscle will result in pimples. This effect occurs when some of the articles of sports clothing rubbing the skin.

First, there is heat rash on change which will come acne. In addition, all this causes itching.

For training, use loose clothing and find a coach who will supervise your work.

The lack of vitamins and cracks on the lips are connected. Deficiency of vitamins such as A and K leads to the discoloration of the skin, and without vitamin B cracked lips and a rash on both sides of the mouth.

Doctor recommended to use a healthy diet that has enough proteins, complex carbohydrates, fats, fruits and vegetables every day.

Start improving yourself at any time. To wait for this New year is absolutely not necessary. Importantly just want.

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