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Doctors dispelled popular myths about hypertension

Медики развеяли популярные мифы о гипертонии Increasingly feel the pressure surge can and young people.

Hypertension, or high blood pressure – the so-called disease that haunts billions of people on the planet.

But even when it will be completely defeated cancer and AIDS, the main problem of mortality of mankind will remain vascular disease, in particular, one of the most inconspicuous and at the same time threatening diseases – hypertension. Arterial hypertension is a disease in which the pressure in the arteries reaches a level of 140 over 90, and even higher mm of mercury column. While in 90-95% of cases the cause of hypertension is a disease that is called “essential hypertension”, in other cases the cause of pressure increase can be problems with the kidneys, the endocrine system, as well as hemodynamic, neurological disorders, also known as “hypertension pregnant”.

Hypertension stands out from the rest by its insidious understatement. While sooner or later with this problem faced by every second person on the planet.

It would seem that the disease has long been studied and the means of its cure have long been known – it is a diet, lifelong intake of beta – blockers, diuretics, calcium channel blockers and ACE inhibitors.

At the same time the people are long entrenched and there are long-established myths about this disease we have decided to dispel.

Myth 1: hypertension – a disease of the elderly.
This is not so. Hypertension getting younger every year.

The reason was, first, increased access of the population to meat and rich fat food, after all, before even the rich ate meat every day, both because of the large number of fast days (Christians, their number reached 200 per year) and more banal reasons – in the absence of refrigerators, meat could not be stored for a long time, and it quickly deteriorated.

The second reason hypertension has become related with the first – commercial purposes, people learned to preserve the meat so that it longer has got cuts everyday, and the main preservative is terrible for blood vessels salt.

The third important reason was the spread of the physical inactivity or reduced physical activity. As a consequence, hypertension is much “younger” and now even 30-year-old get such a diagnosis. Unfortunately, young patients do not consider it necessary to treat it, as believe that the serious consequences for their young body hypertension can not bring, and are not treated. As a consequence, much younger and following hypertension the diagnosis of “heart failure”, which, if not treat hypertension, almost inevitably occurs 15-20 years. The result of this diagnosis, usually the stroke or heart attack.

The fourth important reason is the mass distribution in the XX-th century, tobacco products and products with a high sugar content. And the result of the first and the second factor was the massive deterioration of the vessels caused by Smoking and diabetes.

That is why, since 30 years to anyone who cares about their health, it is necessary to check blood pressure at least twice a year.

Myth 2: hypertension is not a deadly disease, and generally suffer from it almost all
This is not so. Long and persistent increase in blood pressure leads to malfunction of vital organs, blood vessels, primarily the heart, brain and kidneys. Again, the most common effects are strokes, kidney disease, heart attacks. At best, in mild of these diseases, a person first becomes disabled, unable to live a full life in the worst it is waiting for a quick and sudden death.

Myth 3. The main cause of hypertension is heredity and stress.

Wrong again. Of course, stress can’t be a positive influence on the nervous and circulatory systems, and are often triggered the launch of various diseases. However, even in ideal, far from the stress of the conditions, hypertension remind myself. Also with heredity. If you hope that all your relatives, for instance, drowned, it does not mean that you can afford to overdo all the food, lie down 20 hours a day, eat lots of fatty and salty meat and not die from a stroke.

Myth 4. The main symptoms of high blood pressure are dizziness, red eyes, nausea.
Not quite. These symptoms mean that the disease is already far advanced. And the first symptoms of hypertension are “only” poor health, weakness, but the shortness of breath even at rest – this is not the initial symptom, but rather a complication of the disease. The insignificant and weak expression of first symptoms makes this disease so insidious, because it occurs very quickly. Because again – every person from the age of 30 should regularly twice a year to measure the pressure.

Myth 5. Normal pressure – everyone is different, someone good at 190/100.
It is a myth. Limits blood pressure levels clearly marked from 90/60 to 140/90. And even if a person thinks that he normally carries pressure 190/110, it does not mean that his body is not destroyed. Known cases where even myocardial infarction are asymptomatic – well, except that one feels mildly sick. However, the scar in myocardium this is not resolved.

Note that diabetes is a dangerous border increase pressure a little lower – 130/80 mm RT.St. If you find out that these elevated blood pressure hold you for a long time, you should consult a doctor and start to monitor your pressure regularly taking therapeutic measures “holding in check”.

Myth 6. If you have at least a 1 time blood pressure all, you have hypertension.
This is not so. Some cases of increased pressure, but still combined with short-term stress or alcohol consumption, or cutting increased fiznagruzki can give such a figure. The cardiologist primarily offer pomonitorit your pressure to make sure its stability. And decide only after you for few days regularly, will it fix you are using, and measure it, while in a calm state.

Myth 7. Treatment – it pharmacy and medicine can handle yourself.
Medication, of course, will give effect. But science itself is not omnipotent, if it does not help the man himself – his desire to be healthy, and supporting this effort. In particular, you will have to change your lifestyle, increasing physical activity, limit yourself to food preferences. Any success in fighting almost any disease is a fight of two against one: in the first place, YOU then your doctor against the third extra – of your illness.

Myth 8. The most common myth about the fight against hypertension is that the drug should be taken only if the pressure is increased.
It’s a lie. Once established, the increased pressure will not disappear and lie in wait for man, trying to hurt him at every opportunity – with stress, atmospheric pressure changes, fatigue. Of course, there are the drugs that can dramatically and immediately reduce the pressure. But if you regularly take a prescribed combination of beta-blockers, diuretics that sharp rise may not happen, but if it happens, its negative impact on the body will be as soft and without complications.

Myth 9. Hypertension can not be everything
Not true. And alcohol and even more so with sports it is permissible, of course within reasonable limits. For example, in the United States dramatically decreased the number of heart attacks after the spread of the idea of “run from a heart attack”.

At the same time, red wine is one of the prevention tools that strengthen the walls of blood vessels. It is no accident the French and the Italians, who are famous for regular use dry red wine in small doses, occupy the last place in the ranking of cardiovascular diseases in Europe.

Myth 10 traditional medicine – our “everything”.
Traditional medicines such as “cleansing of vessels using garlic,” the reception of decoction of the cones or pouring of the glass of water from one to the other in 30 times, of course, can calm your nervous system, especially the thought that you did all you could. However, I have to disappoint they are unlikely to affect the final result and the condition of your vessels.

In any case, your health is in your hands!

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