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Doctors debunked myths about dealing with cancer

Медики развенчали мифы об оперировании онкобольныхIt turns out that most people who have to undergo surgery to remove a malignant tumor, misled public opinion.

After hearing about your diagnosis, cancer man is in loss, it overcomes fear and for the most part — it is a merit of other people. People used to reject the words of doctors or inventing non-existent diagnoses, which lead to even greater confusion.

Doctors refuted the myths about cancer surgeries to those who have to go through the difficult path of struggle with cancer, was correctly informed and know what really awaits them in the future:

1. If you do not touch the malignancy, a person has a chance to live longer. In reality things are different. The tumor, it is necessary to remove absolutely all oncologists agree with this statement. True, some of them in practice, came to the conclusion that the first thing cut off all the blood vessels that feed the tumor, and then proceed to remove the tumor itself. This is the principle of “not to touch the tumor”. This is done in order to stop the development of cancer cells in the blood, and nearby organs of the patient. If this is not done, cancer can spread very quickly.

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2. Removal of the cancerous tumors are too traumatic for the patient. It was as long as doctors have not learned to work differently. Previously, oncologists play safe and together with the diseased organ removed portions of tissue near the tumor. Now the operation thanks to new technologies decreased over time. Moreover, physicians may argue that the level of trauma decreased several times. By the way, if once the man lost a litre of blood during surgery, but now the amount of blood lost was reduced to 100-200 ml.

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3. Metastases patient no one will undertake to operate. This is absolutely not true. More precisely, a few years ago this statement was the place to be, but at present oncologists operate on cancer patients even at the stage of metastasis. Moreover, thanks to the surgery, the person has the chances that will live another 5-10 years.

4. No one knows the outcome of surgery to remove a malignant tumor. This statement is false. Perhaps in the last century it was, but doctors now have all the tools to make almost 100% a prediction for the result of the operation. If the oncologist sees the patient will not survive and the risk of dying during surgical intervention is high, then it will deny the operation.

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