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Doctors called unknown cause of back pain

Медики назвали неизвестную ранее причину боли в спинеIt turns out that the spine and the problem with it is not the only cause of back pain.

Australian scientists have conducted a recent global study, which was attended by people with a completely healthy spine and joints, as well as those who have previously had some problems with the spinal column and skeletal system in General.

Neurologists has created a device which provides different levels of load on the spine, the effect of which told the participants of the experiment. That is, all at a time, the researchers gave the “feel” weaker, and then and powerful, the load on the spine, after which the participants of the study filled out questionnaires indicating the level of pain.

In the end, neuroscientists have identified an unexpected cause of back pain completely unrelated to the real problems of the spine. As it turned out, completely healthy study participants correctly interpreted the level of pain was not trying to exaggerate. But those who have seen at first hand the sore lower back or another part of the back, afraid of even the weakest load and could not stand the pain, which in fact was not.

Scientists came to the conclusion that in many cases, when a person has back pain, he can “embellish” their feelings, making them weighty and quite intolerable, because his brain at the slightest load on the spine sends a signal about severe pain, based on past experience.

It turns out that another reason for back pain is not always adequate reaction of the human brain at any load exerted on the spine. If you twisted my foot and it hurts like when you fracture a couple of years ago, then see your doctor, maybe you are just exaggerating and in fact the pain is not so unbearable.

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