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Doctors called unknown cause gain of excess weight

Медики назвали неизвестную ранее причину прибавки лишнего весаWhen the body lacks vitamins and minerals, it is hungry.

And because fruits and vegetables mandatory in a daily menu to those who followed, not only for health, but and weight. This was announced by the dietician Lyudmila Babich.

One of the first places in the list of the most nourishing fruits is, strangely enough, oranges.

“In oranges is low in calories, but a lot of vitamins and minerals, besides oranges are perfect for snacking during the day and for a long time give a feeling of satiety. The fact that oranges contain a lot of fiber, which causes a feeling of satiety and positively affects the gastrointestinal tract,” – said the expert.

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Avocado is also a very valuable fruit, which contains soluble fiber and monounsaturated fats. They permanently suppress appetite and create a feeling of fullness. Fresh avocados have long been digested by the body and therefore this feeling to last. While avocados should be eaten in fresh form, the doctor noted.

The expert also recommends the inclusion in the diet of peas, beans, kidney beans, chickpeas and lentils are very nourishing and at the same time useful products that contain vegetable proteins, fiber, complex carbohydrates. These products contain vegetable protein, fiber and complex carbohydrates that are digested for a long time, but almost instantly give a boost of energy and satiety.

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