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Doctors called unexpected symptom of cancer

Медики назвали неожиданный симптом ракаThe sweet tooth may indicate cancer.

The love of sweets has a different justification. Recently, scientists have discovered that suddenly appeared passion for sugar-containing products may indicate the presence of cancer.

It turns out that for its rapid growth, malignant tumors need large amounts of glucose. And the constant desire to consume sweets in large quantities, especially if it appeared suddenly and does not stop, but only grows, may be a symptom of cancer.

Scientists from the College at the University of London used this discovery to create a new way to diagnose cancer. It is not about the subjective feelings of man, and about the serious research using MRI.

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It turns out that immediately after taking sugary foods the tumor begins to glow brightly on the MRI.

These bright foci will help to show the localization of the formations and to become not only a method for the detection of tumors, but also a way of helping to form the tactics of treatment, including surgery.

The researchers believe that MRI can now be used as a new method of cancer diagnostics.

Currently, the most frequently used method of positron emission tomography (PET). MRI is a safer way to diagnose, because it does not use radioactive substances.

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The study, whose findings are published in the journal Nature Medicine, was conducted in rodents with colon cancer. It turned out that an existing tumor is easily detected if the animals to feed the sweets. Then we clearly see the localization and dimensions of education.

After successful studies in mice, the technique was tested on several cancer patients. The results were accurate, which gives hope for the further implementation of a safer way to diagnose cancer in the usual treatment protocols.

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