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Doctors called the real cause of cellulite

Медики назвали истинные причины возникновения целлюлитаThe main causes that provoke orange peel skin.

Cellulite on thighs for many women is comparable to a terrible tragedy. This phenomenon cannot be called a disease, rather a consequence of a poor lifestyle. Therefore, they should not worry so much, because cellulite does not appear by itself, it has the predecessors.

The experts identified the main causes of cellulite:

1. Weight. Overweight is the root cause of cellulite. It has been proven by scientists and it cannot be otherwise, if a woman is overweight. If we talk about obesity, the cellulite must be just.

2. The lack of physical activity. The vast majority of women are engaged in mental labor, and this means that almost whole day they sit in one place and hardly moved. Of course, they continue to eat, because you need somewhere to take the energy and extra fat and calories are deposited precisely in those places where then appears the cellulite.

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3. Age. In this case, we cannot say that age is the cause of orange peel, but still it appears more often in individuals of the fair sex closer to 20 years and even thirty. If the visible cellulite on legs have teenage girls, you must see a doctor as it is abnormal.

4. Dehydration. As we know, not all people understand that water doctors recommend drinking adequate amount of not just. Many people simply overlook this point of view and as a result begin to look bad. It turns out that water not only stimulates all metabolic processes in the body, but also promotes the production of collagen, which is spread the skin and prevents cellulite.

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5. Hormonal failure. Deficiency or excess of hormones with the human body, its health and what his appearance can do anything you like. Including may appear orange peel on the most prominent places. To determine whether a hormonal imbalance cause cellulite or weight gain, you just need to donate blood on hormones. If indeed the problem is in the hormones, the cellulite fight will be much easier and this process will not take much time.

The only prevention measure is the complete removal of the possible causes of cellulite. Other options, such as going to the beautician or massage will not solve this unpleasant problem 100%. Moreover, the cellulite tends to come back, if people began to lead the old way of life.

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