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Doctors called the perfect sleep time

Медики назвали идеальное время сна How much to sleep, to sleep

During the week we have a very early Wake up and run to work, so half of the day, most of us look like sleepy flies. But in the weekend you can afford to sleep in, but for some reason instead of vigor, again you can take half a day sleepy.

Scientists from the USA called the ideal sleep time in the morning to feel good and happy – it is exactly 7 hours and 6 minutes. The survey involved more than two million people. Those who slept more than seven hours, feel fresh and happy. Other respondents complained of fatigue and drowsiness.

The study also showed that it is important to go to bed at the same time. 73% of people who adhered to a sleep mode, highly appreciated its efficiency. And among respondents who went to bed at different times, were satisfied with only 28% of people.

Besides, sleep tight is the group that before going to bed take a bath or shower with aromatic oil.

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