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Doctors called the main symptoms of protein deficiency

Медики назвали основные симптомы дефицита белкаTOP 7 signs that you eat enough protein.

When you exercise, protein plays almost the main role in the diet.

It helps to recover from stress and makes muscles big and strong.

But there are several signs that indicate that you eat enough protein. What are those signs – told the experts

You are older

The older a person gets, the less effective it works the body in the production of protein. With regular physical activity, a person need more protein to recover and make muscles stronger. Please note: with age, the regeneration process may take more time than before. Only proper nutrition can help to rebuild tissue after strenuous exercise.

You constantly want to eat

To consume fewer calories, nutritionists often suggest eating more protein. But the diet high protein foods sometimes cause a lack of calories causes a person to constantly feel hunger. If you do not want to violate the rules and add in the diet of carbohydrates (and therefore calories), just eat 20 more grams of protein during each meal.

Another reason to add protein to your diet is also associated with low calorie diets. Lack of nutrients can cause loss of muscle mass. To avoid this, eat more protein.

You work with big weights

Workout with large weights change your anabolic threshold – requires a lot of protein to build muscles. Even if the weight is not your goal, every extra pound on the bar must comply with additional portions of protein foods.

You are a vegetarian

If you don’t eat meat or renounced animal products, you need to add to the diet an extra helping of vegetable proteins. Male vegetarians should be especially careful to treat this soy protein slows down the production of testosterone.

You constantly want meat

Scientists have proved that lack of nutrients is often masked by the desire to eat junk food. Lack of sufficient muscle protein leads to the fact that man wants to eat something rich in protein, including meat. Try not to ignore such a “request” of the body and give him what he wants. And increase the amount of protein in the diet.

You are recovering from injury

Recovery after injury, especially after open fractures and treatment of burns requires an additional building material for muscle tissue. For this you need more protein.

If you are recovering from surgery and you should be in bed, you need even more protein: the part should go to recovery, and another part to compensate for muscle loss.

Protein is important when joint problems – in this case, you must eat foods rich in omega 3.

Do you frequently experience stress

Stress hormones accelerate protein breakdown in muscles and tissues. It may have a negative impact on muscle mass. To reduce the damage, eat more protein. Besides extra food will help reduce your stress levels.

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