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Doctors called the main source of tuberculosis infection

Медики назвали главный источник заражения туберкулезом Doctors have identified the main disease vector.

British scientists from the London school of medicine have conducted extensive research aimed at determining the main sources of influenza virus infection, diarrheal infections, tuberculosis and other pathogens dangerous diseases.

As it turned out, the greatest danger to human health represent cash and Bank cards, which are one of the most dirty things. The research results are striking: the fecal matter of humans and animals are on each eighth note or coin in your wallet. So, according to health professionals, every touch of the money can result in the infection of a particular disease.

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In addition to the analysis of bills and stuff that were cleaner than the toilet rim, the scientists swabbed from the hands of the volunteers who was holding the money. As it turned out, 25% of the time on the hands also had traces of feces containing pathogenic organisms, including E. coli and Staphylococci.

Researchers interviewed participants to find out that only 30% of people wash their hands before eating food, although almost all are aware of the need to do so. This means that the infection is only a matter of time.

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Based on these data, healthcare workers once again are reminded of the need to wash hands before eating and after using the toilet and contact with banknotes and coins. These simple rules of hygiene by 50% reduce the chance of catching a nasty disease.

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