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Doctors called the main reasons to love cauliflower

Медики назвали главные причины полюбить цветную капустуCauliflower reduces the risk of diabetes

Many believe cauliflower product on the fan, however, after reading our material, you will surely become its fan. After all, its health benefits cannot be overemphasized.

So, read more about the useful properties of cauliflower!

Reduces damage from UV radiation

Sulforaphane contained in cauliflower protects the skin from harmful UV rays, preventing inflammation, and even skin cancer. Of course, in protecting against UV radiation, one cauliflower not to do: don’t forget to use sunscreen and do not sunbathe during the period of highest solar activity.

Reduces the risk of diabetes

Due to the high level of vitamin C and potassium, which regulates the level of glucose in the blood and normalizerbase metabolism, cauliflower reduces the risk of developing diabetes.

Cares about the cardiovascular system

According to the study, published in the American journal of hypertension in February 2012, sulforaphane, which we have already mentioned earlier, contributes to a significant decrease in blood pressure. This, in turn, reduces the risk of many cardiovascular diseases.

Stimulates the brain

Potassium and B vitamins, in excess contained in cauliflower, facilitate the proper working of the brain and Central nervous system. It helps to relieve irritability, improve memory and enhance concentration.

Provides the balance of electrolytes

Use cauliflower instead of energy drinks, she is quite able to fill the balance of electrolytes necessary for every person, and in particular, athletes. So, electrolytes are essential in order to lose then fill with salt, which reduces the probability of seizures.

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