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Doctors called the main causes of alcoholism

Медики назвали основные причины алкоголизмаAlcoholism in Ukraine, as in many countries in recent decades dramatically younger.

According to statistics, every second young man first tried alcohol at the age of 10 to 20 years! In connection with this sad fact, the study of alcohol problems and ways of dealing with the disease has gained strong popularity both among specialists and among the public.

Let us examine the reasons for its occurrence. There are several factors that trigger the development of alcohol dependence.

– Social environment - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Daily environment. This factor affects the fragile psyche of the child and young person regardless of his wishes. Born and raised in a marginal environment, people “absorb” everything that is happening around, and the daily drink offering parents and close friends of such an individual perceives as normal. With age, being surrounded by peers from families with similar way of life, for whom drinking is an integral part of everyday life, young people should be sad of his way of microsocium.

– Material standard of living

The reason for regular consumption of alcohol can serve as a low-wage job (or lack thereof), uninteresting tedious routine work, dissatisfaction with life in General. With the flourishing of capitalism in our society constantly cultivated “style of consumption”, that is, a person only recognizes successful when it can afford luxuries. And, unwittingly comparing himself with the more firmly standing on his feet, suggestible people disappointed in themselves and their living standards, bringing a glass of alcohol to relieve stress becomes an integral part of everyday life.

– Intense professional activity

The impetus for the regular use of alcohol-containing drinks can become a hard activity, elevated levels of stress. After all, to maintain an acceptable standard of living increasingly have to work overtime, to take on increased amounts of responsibility. In these cases, many of the most affordable and effective means of getting the glass hot.

– Dissatisfaction with life

From the inability to build a happy harmonious relationships suffer, both men and women. The constant search for that brings a bad result, forced intercourse “not with those” causes a chronic discontent, which again pushes you to quickly relax and relieve stress with the help of alcohol.

Psychological characteristics

People with unstable and fragile mentality, high degree of self-centeredness, self-doubt, with congenital or acquired as a result of improper upbringing inferiority complex can be difficult to socialize and find themselves in life. Such people experience problems with self-realization in the profession, build a happy love life, marriage. The constant insecurity in their abilities, dissatisfaction with what is happening and, as a consequence of global dissatisfaction with life in many aspects pushing to suppress this painful sense of longing and anxiety. And alcohol relaxing effect on the psyche, is seen as the only way to get rid of discomfort, resulting in a regular “drink” transformirovalsya a habit and then an addiction.

Genetic and physiological causes

More susceptible to other disease alcoholism children of alcoholics. According to studies, these people have the risk of acquiring alcohol addicted 4 times greater than those in the family which this problem was absent. In addition, because the individual some people have formed the habit of alcohol as a result of accelerated exposure of its components. As a result, after a small number of occurrences of such a person acquires a dependence. For example, in the body of the peoples of the far North because of the prolonged lack of sunlight, not allocated an enzyme that breaks down alcohol, whereby the alcohol in these Nations formed after 1-2 times of consumption of booze.

How to deal with alcoholism? As you know, there are three degrees of the disease:

– Initial, in which a person experiences little noticeable desire “to taste”. For getting rid of the initial extent, you must simply recognize the existence of problems, and then “pull yourself together”, to radically change the way of life, replace bad habits good, and can be, and to change the environment.

– Medium, when increasingly there is a thought that it would be nice to have a drink, but also increases social tolerance for the regular use of alcohol. In such cases, in addition to the methods of control recommended at the initial degree, it is already possible to address to the specialist psychologist. The doctor will help you to understand the reasons that motivate to drink, and suggest ways of getting rid of a developing addiction.

– Severe degree, when the regular libations become the norm, and daily needs. In this case, in addition to working with a psychologist, you need medication. The most effective method once it is carried out detoxification of the body, is encoded, that is, chemical or psychological blockade destructive habits. Intravenously introduced to the patient chemicals that block the pleasure from alcohol, or causing an aversion to alcohol-containing beverages. There is also a method of laser encoding, when using the rays is the impact on the receptors in brain. The psychological coding involves either a hypnotic effect aimed at the removal of craving for alcohol, or is a “sewing spirals”, which, due to the use of illegal substances will result in severe consequences for the patient.

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