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Doctors called the foods that need to eat every day

Медики назвали продукты, которые необходимо есть каждый деньTop-6 fatty foods that are needed in the daily diet.

In recent years, experts in the field of healthy nutrition ceased to frighten us with stories about the dangers of foods high in fat.

And here are 6 such products that need to be included in the diet as often as possible.

Egg yolks. There is no reason to abandon the use of egg, which include egg whites and yolks. They do contain a lot of fat, but also are a rich source of vitamins A and C, choline, and selenium.

Eggs from hens with free-range contain elevated levels of carotenoids and vitamin D.

Avocado. Saturated fatty acids omega-3, avocado is great for maintaining healthy skin and digestive system. They provide the necessary amounts of electrolytes like potassium, making them an excellent food after exercise.
Also, this fruit is an exceptional source of B vitamins like folate.

Walnuts. Despite the high calorie content, walnuts are full of nutrients. In particular, they contain proteins, fibers and antioxidants to help boost your metabolism and maintain heart health.
Eat at least one serving of walnuts daily.

Seeds. Not only are they a rich source of fatty acids omega-3, but contain components called lignans, which reduce the level of bad cholesterol in the body.

Products from whole milk. Yes, they also contain a lot of fat, but they are rich in potassium and vitamin D – two of the most useful nutrients for heart health and insulin sensitivity. A glass of whole milk a day is good for health.

Coconut milk. It contains medium-chain triglycerides, has antimicrobial effects and protects the digestive tract from overgrowth of harmful bacteria.

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