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Doctors called the first symptoms of enterovirus infection

Медики назвали первые симптомы энтеровирусной инфекцииOn these grounds it is possible to recognize enterovirus before the visit to the doctor.

Outbreaks of enterovirus infections occur most often in summer and autumn. The causative agent of this infection are pathogenic viruses Enterovirus. Doctors call this disease is one of the most dangerous because its symptoms can be veiled and totally not recognizable in the initial stage of development.

Enterovirus infection is transmitted by airborne droplets, domestic, vertical (during birth), waterways. Contracting this infection can be even through a glass of water, filled from a cooler. It is sufficient that an infected person or a carrier of the virus touched buttons or a stack of cups with their hands.

Enterovirus infection is killed in the water whose temperature reaches 50 degrees Celsius and above. Also, exposure to formaldehyde and chlorine for viruses, Enterovirus is considered fatal. But freeze and 70% ethanol is not able to eliminate the infection.

Symptoms of enterovirus infection which can be confused with any other disease, include:

fever lasts 2-3 days;

– skin rash;

– a strong cough and obstruction of the bronchi;

– inflammation of the membranes of the eye, conjunctivitis.

Typical signs of enterovirus infection:

Intoxication, accompanied by vomiting, diarrhea, nausea, and so on.

Abdominal signs. Can hurt badly or “twist” the stomach, there is a disorder of digestion and all the ensuing consequences.

Polymorphous exanthema – a rash on the skin, which is red in color.

A high body temperature. While enterovirus temperature can rise as much as 40 degrees.

If enterovirus infection is a catarrhal form of development, the patient will manifest all the symptoms of a banal SARS: runny nose, dry cough, slight fever, inflammation of the lining of the throat. But when gastroenteritis form of enterovirus infection is more similar to poisoning, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, poor appetite, low fever, flatulence, watery diarrhea.

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