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Doctors called the disease that can be cured persimmon

Медики назвали болезни, которые способна вылечить хурмаIn the fall, everyone has the opportunity to improve their health by eating seasonal fruits, berries and vegetables including persimmons.

Tart, but very sweet, the persimmon has many useful trace elements and vitamins, so physicians recommend to include it in your daily diet and get maximum benefit.

It turns out that persimmon is not just a healthy fruit, having a characteristic flavour and taste, but the product with which it is possible to cure some diseases. Of course, for the treatment of these diseases one persimmon will not be enough, but it can act as an additional pre-emptive remedies to drugs prescribed by the attending physician.

Persimmons should have those who are faced with the following diagnoses:

Anemia. In the persimmon a lot of iron, so deficiency in the blood doctors advise to drink persimmon juice or eat 1-2 fruits every day.

The common cold, SARS and flu. A mixture of persimmon juice and warm water quickly relieves sore throat and relieves cough.

Hypertension. Particularly effective dried persimmon fruit, they can be used to control the pressure and reduce to normal and also prevent the increase.

Intestinal infection. Persimmon has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, so it is able to eliminate any pathogens trapped in the digestive tract.

Diseases of the heart and blood vessels. Substances included in the composition of persimmon, purify and strengthen blood vessels, thus positively affecting the heart muscle.

Diseases of the thyroid gland. The secret of the usefulness of persimmon in this case is that it is rich in iodine.

Persimmon season will not last long, so now need to take care of the stocks of this miracle fruit, Samusev or freezing it for the winter.

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