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Doctors called the cause of the migraines

Scientists have uncovered a link between migraine headaches and depression.

Scientists from the National medical center of Taiwan (China) investigated the health status of six hundred patients consisting on the account in the neurological Department.

Doctors have found that people who suffer from migraines and headaches often complain of depression and anxiety.

Migraine is characterized by severe and excruciating pain in one side of the head as a result of various reasons: weather factors, physical stress, lack of sleep and more. This physical condition often leads to depressed mood, which is typical for depression.

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Similarly, patients in the mood of anxiety and suffering from various forms of depression, are more likely to complain of chronic headaches.

According to scientists, these findings indicate the presence of common causes of these two diseases, and, therefore, provide an opportunity to find common medicinal drugs, allowing for treatment of one to get rid of another disease.

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