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Doctors called the cause of memory problems

Врачи назвали причину проблем с памятьюMany young people complain of poor memory.

The lifestyle of a person affects his ability to remember.
A recent study showed that 14 percent of young men and women aged 18 to 39 years complain of poor memory.

But that doesn’t mean.

The researchers argue that stress and multitasking are the main components of the modern lifestyle may be to blame.

To study the impact of lifestyle on memory throughout adult life, researchers from the University of California analyzed the results of a survey of 18,500 people in the age from 18 to 99 years.

A higher than expected percentage of young people complained of memory impairment.

After analyzing the lifestyle of the respondents, the researchers came to the conclusion that the new information technology – including Internet, text messaging, and wireless devices, result in constant multi-tasking.

This affects the attention span, impairs a person’s ability to memorize information.

Therefore, the vitamins and the popular tablets for improving memory do not work – the brain needs rest, not any additional substances.

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