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Doctors called the best product to prolong the life

Медики назвали лучший продукт для продления жизниScientists have discovered that cheese is a trace element for the “elixir of life”.

Scientists discovered in cheese trace element for the creation of the “elixir of life”, the researchers told the public. We are talking about this germ that really can prolong a person’s life.

A bacteria called Propionibacterium freudenreichii has the potential to give people good health and long life with a minimum of disease, and it is in the composition of cheeses of Emmental and Gruyere. The microbe, in collaboration with the lactic acid creates a substance that help the body protect itself and recover from stress, strengthen the immune system and restore intestinal flora and combat pathogens.

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A little earlier it was reported that lovers fat cheese much less suffer from an excess of harmful cholesterol. The experts also found that fans of dairy products are the main applicants to possess thin waist and also protected against high blood pressure.

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