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Doctors called the best fruit for weight loss

Медики назвали лучшие фрукты для похуденияThe “right” fruit in the diet will help in the fight against obesity.

Experts from the world health organization, conducted a number of studies and showed once again the tremendous health benefits that comes from eating fresh fruits and vegetables.

Experts have called the fruit, the presence of which in the diet can help in the fight against obesity.

A great helper in weight loss is a watermelon. Saturated with moisture the fruit not only contains a minimal amount of calories, but also is a valuable source of arginine – an amino acid that is involved in the metabolism and promotes weight.

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Also dieters should eat a guava – this tropical fruit contains a large amount of fiber, minerals and protein compounds that contribute to weight loss.

Those who are looking for common in our latitudes analogues of tropical fruit, should pay attention to the apples, which also contain fiber and pectin that help cleanse the body of toxic metals.

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Another useful fruit for weight loss a banana. As experts say bananas are the perfect tool for a quick snack after physical exercise.

Of course, in the fight against obesity will help grapefruits. They have a lot of vitamin C, potassium and folic acid.

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