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Doctors called the best fruit for cleansing the body

Медики назвали лучший фрукт для очищения организмаNine reasons to eat lemons more often.

Hardly penetrated into Europe, lemons immediately became extremely popular, and previously unfamiliar with this fruit, the Europeans called it “Indian Apple” — named after the distant homeland of the lemon and part of his home country.

Yellow citrus became popular worldwide and the area of its application covers seem to be all the spheres of human life: cooking, perfumes, and decorative arts, and medicine. The lemon contains 64% of the daily value of the main vitamin health, vitamin C, and it is this fruit we must lean on the threshold of spring beriberi.

Experts told 9 about the healing properties of lemon, which will convince you to pay special attention to this Sunny fruit. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Skin care

Lemon juice, being a natural antiseptic, will help you deal with skin problems. It is used for pain relief for sunburn and insect bites and is especially effective lemon juice fights acne, black spots and eczema.

Lemon tones the skin and helps prevent premature skin aging. Get in the habit every morning to drink a glass of water with lemon juice, and after a while you will see how your skin will become more smooth, toned and acquire a healthy glow. To strengthen the result, use special cosmetic soap that contains lemon juice.

White teeth

Often the lemons are used to whiten and strengthen teeth. In addition, lemon juice helps to alleviate toothache, and the juice rubbed into the gums will help stop the bleeding and eliminate mouth odor.

Use lemon juice to regular brushing: add it to toothpaste or rinse your mouth with water with lemon. Try to RUB the outside of the teeth with a slice of lemon — so you get rid of plaque.

If you have delicate enamel or sensitive teeth, remember that the threat lemons are high in acid, and this is not the only way to whiten teeth at home.

Cure for a cold

Tricky for the prevention of colds and other seasonal infectious diseases lemons are simply irreplaceable. Add slices of citrus in your tea, drink the juice of a lemon, and in the case of severe diseases of the throat, e.g. sore throat — gargle several times a day with a solution of lemon juice and sea salt.

A cold or flu, lemon juice will help to reduce the temperature by increasing sweating.

Healthy and shiny hair

Lemons have proven themselves as an effective means for hair care. Applying lemon juice on the scalp, you get rid of dandruff and prevent unwanted hair loss. And all because the fruit contains a lot of vitamins and essential oils that nourish the hair roots and strengthen their structure.

Lemon mask is suitable for all types of hair and make them shiny, while lemon oil helps to fight hair breakage.

Combating corns

From the hardened calluses dry will help mix crushed aspirin with lemon juice: apply it directly to the corn, cover with a band-aid or wrap a bandage and leave overnight.

If steamed keratinized skin to apply a slice of lemon and roll up with a bandage or wear thick socks over night the corn will soften and it can easily be removed with a pumice stone.

Treatment of respiratory diseases

For coughs, bronchitis, sore throat, laryngitis and even asthma lemon is used since ancient times as an effective remedy. And also being the richest resource of vitamin C, lemon helps to alleviate or even prevent much more serious diseases.

Coughing great help hot water with lemon and honey with sore throat — gargle with lemon water, and lemon juice will help to reduce the number of seizures asthma, calming the Airways and fighting irritants.

Perfect figure

All who at least time in life faced with the problem of excess weight knows how effective the lemon in the battle for weight loss. In addition, it helps to break down fats and accelerates metabolism, it also dulls the feeling of hunger.

Recipe lemon diet is simple: it is enough to drink every morning on an empty stomach the water with lots of freshly squeezed lemon juice (e.g., 1 lemon to 1 Cup water) and eat right. Do not forget to drink a glass of water with lemon before each meal you will eat less and will help the body in advance of starting the metabolism.

Elimination of toxins from the body

Lemon is a diuretic. Together with the excess liquid he removes from the body toxins. Lemon juice will help to cleanse the body and liver of toxins and various harmful substances.

Good complexion, well-being and health of all internal organs: here are just a small part of what you will receive, daily consuming water with lemon juice.

The highlight of all the recipes

It seems that in the pursuit of a healthy body we forgot about the most important and unique property of lemon is its unique taste, which allows you to decorate this fruit almost all existing dishes.

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