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Doctors called the best foods for the diet in anticipation of winter

Медики назвали лучшие продукты для рациона в преддверии зимы Therefore, it is possible to cope with the cold.

In winter, the changing weather, but also the state and health of the person. It is therefore very important to prepare yourself for the cold period. And that, as they say nutritionists, can help us quite a large list of products which have all necessary trace elements.


These fruits are useful at any time of year, but especially in winter. Besides that, apples are very rich in vitamin C, they are also rich in iron, which improves blood composition. In addition, the apples a lot of antioxidants that help us not get sick in the winter.


Mushrooms have a lot of protein but very few calories, so they are an excellent replacement for fatty meats. Plus, mushrooms contain potassium is a useful nutrient for the heart and blood vessels. And all this makes this product simply indispensable in winter.


This is a very strong natural antioxidant, which has a huge amount of nutrients, vitamins and minerals that will take care of the immune system, vision, digestion and so on.

Sea buckthorn

These berries are very rich in different useful vitamin which will strengthen our immune system. And without the normal virus protection the winter is just not to worry.


A part of any walnut there is an incredible amount of fatty acids, which are very useful for our body. And besides, you need to pay attention to the vitamins b and C, which are also in abundance in nuts. This makes them indispensable to us in the winter.


The fresher the cabbage is, the more useful it is. All because it has a lot of vitamin C, which disappears with time. And besides, cabbage is very good for digestion and the General condition of the human body.

Bell pepper

This pepper contains a lot of ascorbic acid and vitamin C, with which the protective function of the body increases significantly.

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