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Doctors called simple but effective remedy for colds

Медики назвали простое, но эффективное средство от простудыIt is worth to take note.

According to scientists from the University of Nebraska, chicken soup may be the best cure for a cold in the winter.

The study showed that chicken soup may ease the symptoms of upper respiratory tract infections because it contains anti-inflammatory compounds. Previously been installed, the aroma, the spices and the warmth of the soup can eliminate the accumulation of mucus, opening the Airways.

For the first time the benefits of chicken soup have been identified, approximately in the 12th century, when physician and philosopher Moshe Ben Maimon in his works, recommended the use of chicken soup to relieve symptoms of the common cold. Since then, the recipes are flavorful hot broth is passed down from generation to generation.

During the tests, the experts studied the effects on the body of the soup, which includes chicken, onions, sweet potatoes, parsnips, turnips, carrots, celery, parsley, salt and pepper. It was found that chicken soup increases the activity of neutrophils – the most common white blood cells that participate in maintaining immunity and protect the body from infections. It is assumed that the reduced activity of neutrophils in the upper Airways causes the symptoms of colds and flu.

According to scientists, chicken soup may contain anti-inflammatory components that help the symptoms of colds and reduce the duration of upper respiratory tract infections. In addition, chicken soup improves the rehydration of the body. In the cold it is imperative to increase fluid intake, as the body loses its because of the runny nose and fever, and chicken soup helps to fill this gap, experts say.

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Although the researchers are unable to pinpoint the components that allow the chicken soup to fight colds, they think it may be a combination of compounds that act together.

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