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Doctors called seven the surest signs of the flu

Медики назвали семь верных признаков гриппаThe flu season is already in full swing.

This year epidemiologists promise peak season in late December, then a lull, and a new wave of morbidity immediately after the Christmas holidays.

How to understand that you touched on is flu if you suddenly feel bad? Will help to determine the correct seven signs of the flu.

Sign the first: the Surprise

Unlike the common cold that starts slowly and grows with each passing day, the flu always starts abruptly and sharply. To the extent that the patient can tell the exact time when he felt bad.

The second symptom: Temperature
When cold, the temperature rises gradually, and usually above 38.5 degrees does not rise. But in influenza the fever will be felt for a couple of hours to 30-40 degrees. At the same time to lower it to normal at once is unlikely to succeed.

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The third symptom: muscle Pain
The flu virus triggers the toxicity in the body and leads to pain in the muscles, aches and pains and chills, which does not help even a thick blanket. In addition, constantly tormented by a sharp pain in the temples, in the eyes (during the rotation of the eyeballs) and there is photophobia.

The fourth sign: the Absence of a cold
Sudden and constant congestion and “for” nose typical of colds. When flu runny nose is not seen. If this symptom appears, it is only a few days, and then – not very abundant.

The fifth symptom: sore throat and hard cough
The flu the throat is red and swelling of the mucous membranes. A day later, appears exhausting cough and chest pain. The cough can quickly (within 3 days go into bronchitis or pneumonia). In case, if it’s just a cold or other AVRI, after a sore throat there is a dry barking cough and pain when swallowing.

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The sixth symptom: Vomiting and upset
For the same reason of intoxication the flu often causes nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. In other news, these symptoms are rare.

The seventh sign: the disease
The acute period of influenza is delayed up to four days, and full recovery occurs approximately 7-10 days regardless, you took antivirals or not. But, even if temperatures have not, you will still continue to torment insomnia, irritability, lethargy and mood swings.

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