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Doctors called product that is desirable to eat every day

Медики назвали продукт, который желательно есть каждый деньEggs are essential to reduce pressure and weight loss.

Doctors believe that people who need to lose weight and normalize blood pressure, should consider chicken eggs to be an extremely important product for your diet.

Eggs – a real key to health, say scientists.

Due to the high content easy to assimilate protein chicken eggs by almost a quarter to reduce the likelihood of high blood pressure – to such conclusion scientists in the study.

“Eating eggs every day, men and women, young and old, can avoid most of the diseases of the cardiovascular system,” stated the authors.

According to them, eggs are magnificent and almost unparalleled source of useful minerals. So, they contain 60% of the required human daily dose of selenium, 32% of vitamin A and almost 15 % of iron.

Rich in nutrients, eggs are perfectly satisfy hunger, while after eating them lasts a long time a feeling of satiety. As noted by the researchers, “eggs is perfect for people on diets and wanting to lose weight”.

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