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Doctors called possible signs of brain tumor

Медики назвали возможные признаки опухоли головного мозга13 warning signs and symptoms

As a rule, it is a neoplasm arising from abnormal cell division of the brain or surrounding tissues. There are different types of brain tumors. Some of them are malignant, while others are not cancer, but in any case can lead to serious health problems.

The tumor may form in the brain, but sometimes the cancer develops in other organs, eventually spreading to the brain. This form of tumor is called metalicheskoj or secondary. The most common types of cancer, which can metastasize to the brain are colon cancer, breast, kidney, lung, and melanoma.

Secondary brain tumors usually develop in people who already have cancer. Primary, in turn, can form in the brain or surrounding tissues such as cranial nerves, the pineal gland.

Symptoms of brain tumors vary depending on location and type of the tumor. The fact that different parts of the brain responsible for different functions of the body, so signs can be very different.

Some tumors can grow without symptoms until they grow up to large sizes and do not lead to serious health problems, even if they are benign.

Signs and symptoms of brain tumors

A common symptom of brain tumors are headaches that do not pass after taking regular painkillers. However, remember that most headaches are not associated with brain tumors.

Other worrisome signs and symptoms include the following:

acute headaches;
nausea and vomiting;
blurred vision, speech and hearing;
problems with coordination;
numbness and tingling in the extremities;
sleep problems;
memory problems;
mood swings and depression;
inability to perform daily activities.

If you experience any of these symptoms, do not be amiss to make an appointment to see the doctor, but keep in mind that similar symptoms may accompany other diseases.

Risk factors

Doctors still do not know what can lead to the development of primary brain tumors. However, some factors can increase the risk of their formation. These include the following:

Age. The older you get, the higher the risk of developing brain tumors. According to scientists, most of them elderly, but in General this can encounter any man. Some types of brain tumors develop almost always in children.

Radiation. The people subjected to its influence, have a higher risk of developing brain tumors. However, this applies only to ionizing radiation, including radiation therapy, aimed at cancer treatment, and radiation effects of the atomic bombs.

Heredity. It also plays a role in this issue because of a brain tumor can develop in people whose relatives also faced them.

As already stated above, if you notice any disturbing changes in your health, consult your doctor. Remember: timely diagnosis increases the effectiveness of treatment.

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