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Doctors called popular product, “kills” liver

Медики назвали популярный продукт, "убивающий" печеньThe study belongs to the group of scientists from USA and Venezuela.

Doctors have found that salt can destroy the human liver.

It turns out that salt can lead to obesity, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and resistance to insulin. It is found by the medical researchers, writes

What is the cause of these serious illnesses? The researchers found that high salt concentrations capable of activating the synthesis of fructose in the liver, which leads to resistance to leptin – the hormone which regulates energy metabolism in cells.

Examining response to laboratory mice, the scientists were able to establish that because of the salt is excess fructose, which leads to the development of metabolic syndrome, which provokes will nealkogolny fatty liver disease.

Scientists also note that the accumulation of fructose in the body is due to its production from glucose by the enzyme aldozoreduktaza. In addition, fructose can get pure along with food.

To be safe, doctors recommend eating no more than 6 grams of salt per day.

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