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Doctors called one of the useful properties of alcohol

Медики назвали одно из полезных свойств алкоголяEven alcohol, which is always the declared enemy of health, as it turned out, could be useful – and for the brain.

Unexpected findings about the positive effect of alcoholic beverages made by scientists in London, what I told the Federal news Agency.

Positive impact of alcohol, as scientists, can experience a area of the brain responsible for memory. But that effect only a slight intoxication.

The researchers found that the state “tipsy” optimizes memory function.

“Slight intoxication protects the memory from receipt of false information, allowing us to reproduce the tiniest details of the incident”, – said the clinicians.

Scientists have conducted experiments. A group of 80 volunteers showed a video of how the criminal pair had committed the robbery of a jewelry store. After watching people divided into three groups, one of which the participants drank a bit of alcohol. The second people were given beer, allegedly alcoholic, and the third did not drink anything.

Further testing showed: that the participants in those groups where drinking alcohol beverages were able to the smallest detail to reproduce the shown video.

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