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Doctors called one of the most useful vegetables for the liver

Врачи назвали один из самых полезных овощей для печениScientists have found new healing properties of potatoes.

Scientists from Thompsonesque Institute in new York, USA, conducted a study which included a series of experiments that have allowed researchers to make a surprising conclusion about the properties of potatoes.

The authors of the project, in particular, found that this vegetable can cure hepatitis.

American clinicians have developed a new method of treatment of hepatitis, implying the use of well-known potatoes. Experiments on mice have already shown the positive results of such innovations.

Under the test, scientists injected the DNA of a potato gene that encodes a protein that is activated in the liver of patients with viral hepatitis B. These potatoes were then fed to mice. After the animals it ate, their bodies were intensively developed antibodies which fight against a dangerous virus.

Viral hepatitis is an infectious liver disease whose prevalence in the world is extremely wide. A particular danger of this disease is that the liver caused by a virus, can cause severe, life-threatening consequences, such as cirrhosis and cancer.

The search for an effective cure for this disease has long fascinated scientists and doctors all over the world. These drugs, which could guarantee the recovery and the complete removal of the virus from the body, today do not yet exist.

According to researchers from new York, outdoor their method of “potato vaccine” could be the first of its kind therapeutic tool to achieve healing in patients from a deadly virus.

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