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Doctors called one of the most beneficial fruits for liver and kidney

Врачи назвали один из самых полезных фруктов для печени и почекCalled the fruit to maintain health in the fall.

Not to get sick in the fall, you need to eat the pear. They are useful for strengthening the immune system and for healing of the heart.

They contain elements that give the strongest effect to strengthen the white blood cells. Data blood cells guard against the influence of endogenous and exogenous substances. In addition, pears also contain copper, which improves the exploration for minerals. Also this fruit will delight in pectin, which positively affects the functioning of liver and kidneys. It also stimulates the excretion of body products, including different toxins.

Pear due to its cleansing property, and the saturation of the fibers effectively from overeating and additional pounds, which is important in autumn and winter. Jam made from this fruit will help patients with kidney disease and cystitis.

In connection with the autumn period of the year is important not to fall ill, so doctors have called a number of products for the health. They are red onions, Kale, broccoli, red apples and blueberries. It is worth remembering for that chicken soup has anti-inflammatory effect on the upper respiratory tract.

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