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Doctors called harmful traditional treatments of colds

Медики назвали вредные народные способы лечения простудыIt turned out that milk and honey is not the best way to treat SARS.

In the winter time of year is traditionally the refrigerator is all set to treat colds: milk, jam, honey and lemon.

Nutritionist Tatiana fialkova told what methods are harmful to health.

Raspberry/sea buckthorn/cranberry/viburnum jam

Drink jam with tea is a way of treating colds of childhood, but is it worth it? Fresh/dried/frozen berries, of course, useful, but not heat-treated. Sugar either, as it is a nutrient substrate for Candida albicans, different bacteria, which actively multiply in excess sugar, have the ability to greatly weaken local and General immunity. Mashed berries with sugar, would seem to be a more healthy option, but I strongly insist that the harm from sugar is greater than the benefit from the berries.
Learn how to store berries in frozen form or grind them with honey, cook jam on stevia.

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Denial and ignorance of the medical discipline of lymphology, leads to the fact that the disease designate products that further disrupt lymphatic drainage, block the metabolism and inhibits the endotoxin/bacterial toxins in the body. That is why hot milk with butter, honey (or jam) with sore throat, cough or cold – emphatic no!

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The fact that milk contains a sticky slime, the composition of casein, lactose and substantially disrupts the process of purification. Using milk, you sweat even harder! Subjective short-term comfortable feeling from taking hot milk with honey and butter – primitive-deception at the level of rough mechanics. Physiology respiratory status more subtle. Putty damp, moldy walls – that’s what it means to drink milk with a sore throat.

Need to summarize: while the diet is sugar and milk to protect themselves from the cold impossible!

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