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Doctors called foods that never go bad

Медики назвали продукты, которые никогда не испортятсяThese products are always trying to be the same.

Durable products actually exist. The expiration date is typically used for security purposes, the “best before” is usually not the age limit.

Experts have made a list of foods that can be stored in your kitchen over the years.


Due to the special composition of honey – a little water and lots of sugar – the bacteria in it do not develop. In addition, honey contains a small amount of hydrogen peroxide that inhibits the growth of bacteria.

Processing of honey also helps make it more durable: the sugar in honey gigroskopichny, that is, can draw in water from the atmosphere, and it’s not very good.

During heat treatment the water is removed, and the airtight lids prevent its further penetration into the product. So the honey is stored for even longer.

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Dried legumes

When drying in legumes increases the concentration of sugar and reduced content of water slows the growth of bacteria and mold. In addition, the enzymes that destroy the product after harvest, are in a state of suspended animation.

If the packaging is sealed, the bean will be stored for years and remain an excellent source of protein. But if the packaging become wet, they will last only a few months.

Soy sauce

Soy sauce can be stored up to three years. It is very salty and has undergone the process of fermentation. Accordingly, if it is not open, it will be stored for a very long time.

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Dark chocolate

Adding milk to chocolate may reduce the shelf life, but the dark chocolate lasts longer – despite the fact that sometimes looks are not always the best way.

If dark chocolate is stored at a constant temperature, it can remain edible for two years or more.

Sugar and salt

A long-term storage products contain a lot of sugar and salt. In other words, they begin to pull water, and if in such an environment will begin to grow bacteria, they just dry.

If salt and sugar to keep away from moisture and in sealed containers, they will be kept indefinitely. But various additives, for example, iodine in salt can reduce the retention period to five years.

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