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Doctors called foods that are not reheated after cooking

Медики назвали продукты, которые нельзя разогревать после приготовленияIf you want to keep your health, then just refrain from heating these foods.

Some products are hazardous to health after they start to warm up.

As it turned out, rice, mushrooms, eggs and some other products can become hazardous to health when they begin to warm after cooking.

But there are still a few products that have harmful warm UPS.

Celery, spinach and beets

When the temperature rises again these vegetables can appear favourable conditions for the transformation of the nitrates they contain more toxic substances – nitrites. So, if you put in the celery soup, you can remove before you decide to warm it up. And after the vegetable is returned to the dish.

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Important: mushrooms should be eaten immediately after cooking. When re-heat treatment in the mushrooms instantly destroyed proteins. And it is bad for the stomach condition.


The digestive system is quite dangerous to use heated boiled or fried eggs – they contain components that are subjected to high temperatures produce toxins.


In the case of this vegetable need to be extremely careful – if after cooking leave it to cool at room temperature and not to remove from the fridge, then in the future, warmer temperatures could stimulate the growth of Bacillus botulism. It is therefore important immediately after cooking to put the dish in the refrigerator.

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Rice, like potatoes, can not tolerate repeated heat treatment — raw rice can contain spores of bacteria that cause food poisoning. It happens that these spores can survive in cooked rice. And if the dish is left to stand at room temperature, the spores will multiply and produce poisons that can cause vomiting or diarrhea.


You must know that when warming up chicken negative processes change the composition of the product. They, in turn, can lead to digestive problems. In extreme cases, meat needs to be reheated at a low temperature for a long time.

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