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Doctors called food, the addictive

Медики назвали пищу, вызывающую привыкание These foods and dishes are addictive.

Pleasure that we receive in different ways, almost the same effect on our brain. The fact that the impact on the pleasure center in the brain is to some extent dangerous manipulation, since after the effect ends, the brain sends signals that it would be nice to do it again.

And so begins the addiction. And since food is one of our greatest daily pleasure, the most harmful products can generate physical dependence. Most worryingly know manufacturers. This is why they try to add in any fast food, sweets and snacks as much as possible refined carbohydrates, fats and flavor enhancers. As a rule, the food upon which we depend, is very quickly digested and contains little fiber. That is why we can’t get enough and want more and more.


The more processed ingredients in the pizza, the more addictive it gets. A variety of sauces and sausages – the hook that catches us and drives us again and again to call delivery. To reduce the harm to health that deals pizza, and to wean from it, you can do it at home. Then you can adjust the amount too salty, overcooked or fatty toppings. Try to add the pizza with fresh vegetables – the taste, she won’t lose it and benefit more.


Chocolate bars, candy and other sweets, usually produced by applying milk chocolate with shock doses of fat and sugar. Because is saturated with glucose, the body requires even as soon as the blood sugar level is slightly reduced. And it happens with the unpleasant sensations of fatigue, lowering of mood and a surge of hunger. Move yourself with chocolate bars and candy for pure dark chocolate without additives. Its function of lifting the mood he will perform with less harm to health. At first the dark chocolate will seem bitter, but taste buds will soon be rebuilt and you just can’t eat dairy, because it will seem too sweet.


Biscuits is a product that just once and for all need to stop buying. This does not mean that you have to give up entirely on this delicacy for tea. It is important to understand what made the cookies. And this can be done in only one way – bake it yourself. Then you will know that there are no TRANS fats and excess sugar, which causes a strong addiction and sets us on an endless ingestion of such pastries.

Potato chips

This appetizer represents the most adverse carbohydrates which can be. So, they automatically processed by the body and deposited in fat. Still crunchy texture make us want them again and again. To get off this addiction, you should choose chips from other vegetables. As a rule, they are practically not processed, but simply are subjected to extreme drying. For example, chips from beets, carrots and bananas is less harmful.

Ice cream

Firstly, it is necessary to forbid myself to buy any ice cream large briquettes. Unlimited amounts of this harmful treats for a few days to add a few pounds to your figure. So don’t keep ice cream at home in easy access. So it is possible that the reluctance to go to the store will become a stronger habit. And, you can replace butter banana ice cream, which you get when you blend frozen banana slices and blend them with cocoa. You will appreciate the taste and you will forever refuse harmful store-bought dessert.

French fries

Fries output is surprisingly simple. Almost half of the harm that it brings to the body, can be removed if you replace it on baked potatoes. Today, even in restaurants burgers offer several options for potatoes. So – choose a country-style potatoes. The taste is almost the same, but the calories are much less.


Their positioning as a healthy food, but it is not so. In Breakfast cereals such doses of sugar, which can make diabetes. In addition, in cereals have very little fiber and they are digested very quickly, so almost no saturation of such a Breakfast is not experienced. Such a composition of cereals is forcing us to increase the dose and take care of the bite after a couple of hours after the last spoon of cereal.

Chicken wings

Wings is the worst thing in the chicken, which is itself, in fact, is considered a dietary food. It’s all in the processing methods and sauces that are served with fried chicken wings. Should stop buying this food in fast foods and start cooking yourself.

But in this case bake, not fry the wings, and then everything will be fine. Changes in taste you will not notice.

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