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Doctors called food that slows aging

Медики назвали еду, замедляющую старение Sea food has a bunch of useful properties.

Seafood is not only rich in iodine but also can slow down the aging process. Although it was already known that food with lots of seafood, including sea fish, can help slow aging, it was unclear why.

The journal BMJ spoke about the study of scientists from the U.S., which confirmed that the consumption of seafood really gives anti-aging effect and also helped to make important conclusions about the effects on the body fatty acids.

The authors of the new study, specialists from Harvard University, got the data, lets look at sea foods in new ways.

Scientists have concluded that to resist the aging body with the help of specific fatty acids.

How I was able to install the Harvard experts, the three types of omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid DPA, DHA and EPA – can give the most powerful anti-aging effect. These acids are found in fish oil and fish, many seafood.

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