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Doctors called effective product for prevention of thrombosis

Медики назвали эффективный продукт для профилактики тромбозаCardiologists are strongly advised to include in the diet of olive oil.

The high content of unsaturated fats in the diet – the guarantee of health of the heart and blood vessels, according to the staff of the Research center of biotechnology at the Hospital of St. Michael.

An excellent prevention of cardiovascular diseases is olive oil.

You know: the risk of heart attacks and strokes, may reduce apolipoprotein A-IV (ApoA-IV).

This is a plasma protein, whose concentration rises after a meal. The analysis showed that ApoA-IV, inhibiting membrane protein IIb/IIIa, inhibits the activity of platelets can cause thrombosis of blood vessels.

Normally, these elements of the blood responsible for stopping bleeding. Foods with unsaturated fats facilitate the passage of blood through the vessels. Scientists emphasize: in the morning, often there is poor blood flow – blood thicker than in the second half of the day. This can cause blood clots.

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