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Doctors called effective cure for a hangover

Медики назвали эффективное средство от похмельяThis drink helps more effective than strong coffee.

More fun than Christmas, so as a rule, the more energy the body needs to cope with the consequences the next day, and the best ally in this will be pure water.

This was told by the dietician Lyudmila Babich.

It is no secret that the morning after a hearty meal and alcoholic excesses, terribly thirsty. And to fill that thirst is the most pleasant with cool mineral water. And for good reason – the body knows what we need, he said.

“Mineral water is an effective cure for a hangover. Its effect begins in the mouth where the bubbles of carbon dioxide, irritating the mucosa and thereby stimulate brain activity. These bubbles increases the surface of absorption of fluids, making it faster into the bloodstream. Due to the bubbles also normalizerbase the volume of circulating blood, stimulates bile secretion and intestinal peristalsis, helping to quickly reduce the level of harmful substances in the blood and activates the processes of self-purification of body from toxins. In the end, we soon “come to life”. Plus, natural mineral water, many important trace elements that restore the water-salt balance,” says the doctor.

One of the most famous national recipes, which works well and has a positive impact on the state of the whole organism – ice with lemon. In the evening pour into a glass pre-frozen ice in the morning and just squeeze a half lemon into a glass of water and add more ice to taste. This simple drink will quickly remove the unpleasant symptoms of yesterday’s festivities. Citric acid speeds up the processing of toxic products of disintegration of alcohol and boosts liver.

It is important to remember that this recipe can only be used by those who have no stomach issues. Another recipe with a similar effect is orange juice (freshly squeezed), a glass of which must drink, pre-whisking it with half unpeeled lemon and a few tablespoons of honey.

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