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Doctors called another useful property of apples

Медики назвали еще одно полезное свойство яблокApples reduce the risk of heart diseases.

This was reported by scientists from Oxford University (UK).

Experts advise people to Supplement your menu with these fruits, and if they are already present in the diet — slightly increase their consumption. Such a beneficial effect on the heart and circulatory system, scientists explain the presence of these fruits have a large amount of potassium and iron.

Red apples improve the condition of hypertensive patients, and the green fruits can cure anemia, which occurs because of iron deficiency. Having studied the health of people who regularly eat apples, the experts came to the conclusion that these fruits can serve as a preventative measure for many ailments. If you eat a certain number of apples every day, the risk of diseases associated with the cardiovascular system, reduced by an average of 12%.

British researchers claim that daily tasting of this beloved and accessible to all fruit, people warn to 8 thousand cases of a heart attack. The researchers emphasized that we should not hurry with the use of medications and certain diseases of the respiratory system. In most cases with them effectively deal with the help of decoctions of medicinal herbs.

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