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Doctors called another disadvantage of junk food

Медики назвали еще один недостаток «вредной» едыFrequent use of junk food discourages is useful

Experts from the University of New South Wales organized a series of studies and experiments on laboratory rodents.

In mice, as in other animals, there are innate mechanisms of protection against overeating: loss of interest in the food they consumed in the required quantity. This ability protects them from overeating, which provides a balanced diet.

As shown by research, the mouse who used to eat right, at some point begin to ignore another batch of Goodies, for example, sugar water with grape flavor or cherry. But if the mice were fed for two weeks the junk food (pies, dumplings, cakes and so on), the behavior of rodents has been changing: they ate each another additive, and other food lost interest.

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This helped to conclude that the increase in the number of junk food lowers self-control, it becomes a cause of overeating and later obesity. Professor Margaret Morris, head of the project, says: “If the same process happens with humans, it is harmful food changes its reaction to food as rewards or treats. For example, you just ate ice cream for lunch, and plan to buy more, if you go past the kiosk with ice cream”.

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