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Doctors called a painful illness, from which were thrown into a fever

Медики назвали тяжкие заболевания, от которых бросает в жарIt turns out that a fever can be caused not only developing a cold.

It became known that the sensation of heat that erupted spontaneously and repeated too often, may be associated not only with the fact that people have picked up a cold or SARS. There are at least ten serious illnesses, accompanied by a small increase in body temperature. In these cases this temperature the doctors call low-grade and increased it a maximum of 38 degrees.

For the following diseases subfebrile body temperature is more typical:

1. Chronic infectious disease. These include: prostatitis, cholecystitis, cystitis, pyelonephritis, and others. These diseases in the acute stage may be accompanied by hot flashes and low temperature.

2. An acute viral disease. No one here will be surprised that the body temperature is increased, but this does not mean that you can self-medicate and do not seek help from doctors. Usually on the fifth day, the doctor may prescribe antibiotics if the temperature is not reduced to the level of 36.6.

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3. Toxoplasmosis is a disease all lovers of four-legged friends who are in the street bring home a variety of infections. Toxoplasmosis is one of the most dangerous infections because develops almost asymptomatic, but the body temperature may still insignificant and unreasonable increase.

4. Cancer. Cancer patients often seek medical attention only due to the fact that point the fever and subfebrile temperature, resulting in that these people have cancer.

5. TB. To severe coughing, sudden weight loss, lack of appetite is added, and the temperature is low concern to human day-to-day.

6. HIV. One of the first symptoms of human immunodeficiency virus is increased to 38 degrees body temperature.

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7. Hepatitis. Viral hepatitis most often manifest through yellowing of the skin and fever.

8. Anemia. Lack of hemoglobin may result in that person every day to feel that something was wrong. His health is with each passing day begin to deteriorate, there is a weakness, low-grade fever, pale skin, and so on.

9. Parasites. Initially, the worms will make itself felt through a low temperature, and then, when the body is almost poisoned by the waste products of these parasites, the temperature can rise to 39-40 degrees.

10. Hyperthyroidism. Disruption of the thyroid often is expressed in this symptom is hot flashes or a steady increase in body temperature to 38 degrees and no more. In addition to this characteristic the person may feel excessive sweating, excessive fatigue and lack of energy.

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