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Doctors called a new way of dealing with insomnia

Медики назвали новый способ борьбы с бессонницейShouldn’t sleep more than 2 pillows.

If you suffer from insomnia, you’ve probably already heard that do not need to drink coffee at night, play sports or play computer games in the evening.

It doesn’t help. Here are a few recent tips that may help you sleep.

1. Satilite in the morning my bed. According to a survey recently conducted in the United States, the people who made the bed in the morning slept better than those who left it untidy.

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2. Clutter in the bedroom. According to the results of the same survey, the cleanliness of the bedroom also affect healthy sleep, reported by two thirds of the respondents.

3. Change sheets every week. 78% of respondents said that they sleep better in a clean bed.

4. Do not read ebooks with the backlight before bedtime. Studies show that blue light from screens affects melatonin production, and this, in turn, delays the sleep. At the same time e-book without a backlight in this respect was completely safe.

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5. Eat nuts. In addition, they are rich in protein and fiber, they contain tryptophan, promote sleep.

6. Don’t overdo the pillows. Shouldn’t sleep more than 2 pillows. Studies have shown that people who use to sleep with 1-2 pillows, I sleep much better than those who prefer to sleep on a mountain of pillows.

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