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Doctors called a drink that “kills” cancer cells

Медики назвали напиток, "убивающий" раковые клеткиWhy is it useful to drink carrot juice.

About the benefits of carrots and carrot juice have heard everything. However, how to consume this root vegetable?

Why a salad of carrots, add sour cream and juice – oil.

– Carrots are rich in powerful antioxidants – carotenoids, which are able to restore cellular and molecular damage, – said Boris Skachko, doctor-fototerapia. – And yet, this vegetable strengthens the immune system due to the high content of vitamin A.

In addition, carrot has a pronounced antibacterial effect and prevents inflammation and suspends them. It is silent about its positive impact on the eyes. Carrot juice is used in clinical nutrition in Hypo – and avitaminosis A, liver, cardiovascular system, kidneys, stomach, anemia, arthritis, disorders of mineral metabolism, and the like.

Recent studies have shown that vitamin a prevents 80% of diseases, and in the presence of the cancer slows the growth of tumors by 60%. and kills cancer cells

Therefore, to consume carrots every day. However a required component is fats, as vitamin a refers to the fat-soluble vitamins that are absorbed only in the presence of fat. So if you drink carrot juice (of course, it needs to be svezhevyzhatym), it makes sense to add a few drops of oils – flax, olive, or pumpkin. In addition, it is better to not drink pure carrot juice, diluted in half with Apple cider. The fact that apples contain acid, which neutralizes the bacteria in the juice.

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