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Doctors call best products to rejuvenate the body

Врачи назвали лучшие продукты для омоложения организмаScientists have explained why the need to regularly eat potatoes and bananas.

A panel of scientists working in the territory of the British Isles, talked about the fact that there are whole groups of people who really need to regularly eat potatoes and bananas. Despite a certain skepticism on the part of nutritionists, these products can bring very significant benefits.

Experts say that the constant use of the mentioned bananas and potatoes may significantly improve the condition of human skin. Scientists are turning their attention to the fact that these products are composed of huge amounts of potassium, with which the person suffering from, for example, hypertension can bring their blood pressure back to normal.

Besides, along with potassium in a chemical reaction with the body come and other substances which positively affect the structure of the composition of the blood.

The ongoing research of the American experts came to the conclusion that the way products containing potassium, even in small portions will help to preserve youth and to promote the tone and elasticity of the skin.

The scientists argue that the excess of the corresponding element in the body is not a positive factor, because it can affect the appearance of serious diseases and side effects. However, the authors researchers insist that bananas and potatoes should be part of the human diet.

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