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Doctors are told how much water should you drink really

Врачи рассказали, сколько нужно пить воды на самом делеHow to calculate daily norm of water.

Water is a vital liquid every human being. Its deficiency in the body is felt quite acutely unhealthy complexion, a set of excess weight, overall poor health and a risk of dehydration, which is dangerous for life..

This issue has decided to clarify the American scientists. They managed to bring a special formula, following which every person can easily calculate your daily volume. The formula is very simple. For the basis of calculation is the weight of the person that you want to divide by 2.2. The resulting number should be multiplied by the number of years lived and divide the resulting amount by 28.3. As a result of these mathematical operations — you can quickly set your daily amount of water. It should be noted that in this volume you can include green tea without sugar. Coffee, juices, fruit drinks, broths, and especially alcoholic beverages, are not included here. The inhabitants of the CIS countries should take into account the fact that the formula is designed to American measures. That is, the amount of water you want to measure in ounces, and its weight in the ft. Those who are involved in sports, thus the calculated daily volume of water also need to make changes – on every 30 minute workout you need to drink in excess of the norms of 340 milliliters of water during a workout the human body loses more fluid through sweat.

In General, the optimum amount of water can not only improve your appearance and feel good, but to lose weight. However, in this case it should be additionally choose the right diet. But proper nutrition must paint a gastroenterologist or nutritionist, after a comprehensive medical examination.

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