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Doctors are cautioned against taking a cold shower in hot weather

Врачи предостерегли от принятия холодного душа в жаркую погоду Extreme temperatures can cause vasospasm.

Shower is one of the most effective methods of cooling the body, so when the weather is very hot, it is taken several times a day.

But doctors have a little different opinion about the use of cool or even cold shower. It turns out, cool off in the heat of the shower very dangerous to health and life in General.

Going into the house from the street, where the heat is, the person then goes to the shower, and it is fraught with extreme temperatures and spasm of blood vessels. Therefore, physicians are advised to cool, and then take a shower, and at the same time, it is desirable that the water was not too cold.

Especially this recommendation must comply with cores and those who have disease, regardless of age.

Why is it impossible to take a cold shower in the heat?

As mentioned above, cold water can provoke an aggravation of cardiovascular diseases in humans, whose body was literally heated on the sun. According to doctors, repeated adoption of a cool shower on a hot day — it’s like shock therapy for the heart and vascular system.

Also, a sharp temperature drop, if a person has reduced immunity, will instantly cause the cold symptoms and runny nose and other unpleasant phenomena certainly do not fit into the plans for the summer.

It is worth noting that the summer heat is a powerful stress for the human body and a cold shower only makes the situation worse, causing yet another “shake-up”.

Doctors suggest in the heat to take the time to take a shower, and wait 10-20 minutes until the body cools off a bit and recover. But in this case, the water should not be ice.

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