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Doctors advised as to age not to fall into insanity

Медики посоветовали, как к старости не впасть в маразмThe most common violations in the mental health of elderly people can be avoided.

We all know that the way of life is always reflected on how he will feel in old age. Few pay attention to the warnings of doctors concerning the fact that in old age we reap the rewards of his youth and maturity. The rest of the vast majority of people continues to live as like and want. Causing old age comes much earlier than it should and absolutely not happy with the symptoms.

It turns out that people who suffer throughout life from diseases of the vessels such as atherosclerosis or hypertension, are at risk of becoming senile in old age. As it terribly sounds, but senile dementia or dementia afflict mostly those who wonder about their future. The worst thing is that “age-related” diseases can begin to develop in humans in the 30, 40, 50 years when he is still young in soul and body.

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Doctors explained how to behave and what to do to retirement is not to torture your loved ones fit of insanity:

1. To monitor their diet and physical activity. Usually hypertension is a destiny full of people. Physical inactivity, ie, sedentary lifestyle, sooner or later will lead to muscle atrophy and other unpleasant diseases accompanied by pain and malaise.

2. To be examined on a regular basis. Even if you are young — it does not mean that it is not necessary to know anything about their body, so to speak, from the inside. At least once a year you should undergo examination by doctors, in order to identify developing disease at an early stage.

3. To avoid stress. All human life is full of emotions and incidents. Tears can be from happiness and from sorrow. Know that negativity, stress, depression, strife, spleen and other effects lead to serious disturbances in the human psyche. To cope with the side effects many years later any man will not do, so all your issues should be addressed immediately, do not delay until you retire. By the way, that these events often lead to the development of dementia and senility.

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4. Train your brain. This is especially true for people who just retired and now, in addition to TV, they have no entertainment. Doctors are sounding the alarm on this matter and insist that all who approached old age, never forgot about his intelligence. Reading books, crossword puzzles, teaching poems with my grandchildren and so on — all this will help you daily to take care of your brain.

5. Regularly clean your body and arteries from cholesterol. Ways are many, but the most important is the effect they produce. Clean blood vessels, normal blood flow, sufficient oxygen in the blood and other nutrients – the key to a clear mind in old age.

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