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“Doctor Who” in theaters, a spin-off of “Game of thrones”, the superhero Alliance from the CW, weird fan theories and other news of serials

Every week we tell you about the most interesting serial news. This time in our field of view was: the first details of the Christmas special of Doctor Who, photos from the shooting of a massive superhero crossover of the characters on “Arrow”, “Flash”, “Supergirl” and “Legends of tomorrow”; talk about the prequel series “Game of thrones” and the strange fan theory that “breaking bad” was a prequel to “the Walking dead”.

“Doctor Who” in theaters, a spin-off of “Game of thrones”, the superhero Alliance from the CW, weird fan theories and other news of serials

Doctor Who will once again go to the cinema at Christmas: the first details spacepatrolman, the BBC announced that this year’s Christmas episode of the popular TV series “Doctor Who” will be released not only on small screens but on large. Special issue called “the Return of Doctor Mysterio”, with shestidesyatiletie the show will be accompanied by bonus material – rollers “a New type of superhero” and “the Christmas Doctor Who”. Additional video tells the viewer about creating a special edition and a new image of Doctor Who as a superhero. The role of the Doctor as played by Peter Capaldi, and his assistant, the journalist appears British actress charity Wakefield, known to viewers of the film “sense and sensibility” in 2008. In the United States and great Britain tickets for the Christmas shows have already started. Given the past experience, most likely, in Russia, the episode will also be shown in a few cinemas.

“Doctor Who: The Return Of Doctor Mysterio”. The teaser for the Christmas special in English

In the network appeared the first pictures of the superhero crossover from CWПоклонники TV series “the Flash,” “Arrow”, “Supergirl” and “Legends of tomorrow”, taken from the comic book DC, has long been waiting for large-scale series-crossover, in which the characters of all four series will come together for a common cause. It is reported that the joint series superheroes have to fight the Dominators, technologically advanced race of aliens bent on destroying meta-humans of Earth. The series will be aired on CW TV channel on November 28.

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Photos from the shooting of the series-crossover CW

From “Game of thrones” will be a spin-offshe that TV guide HBO thinks about the creation of the series, which will unfold in the universe of “Game of thrones”, were quite a long time, but no specific information for a long time did not arrive (although the one spread by the media version, the main character of the spin-off was supposed to be Jon snow, a character played by kit Harington). Now program Director of HBO Bloyce Casey confirmed that the channel is discussing with the writer George Martin the possibility of creating a prequel to the TV series. What specific material will form the basis of the tape is unknown, however, Martin has previously released several short stories that reveal the history of the Seven Kingdoms, and some important dynasties of “a Song of ice and fire”. It is possible that a new television series reveals the story of the Targaryens, as many fans of literary fundamental principle it seems the most interesting. However, Bloyce said that we should not torment myself with conjectures: the negotiations are in such an embryonic state that none of the parties yet did not even suggest that the result will be shown on the screens.

“Game of thrones”. Funny moments from the filming of the sixth season

UNUSUAL THEORY: the TV SERIES “breaking bad” was a PREQUEL TO “the WALKING DEAD”is Usually a fan-made theories rarely attract the attention of journalists, but the authors of the publication The Wrap was so impressed by the explorations of the fans of “the Walking dead” I decided to publish a new hypothesis, according to which Walter white (Bryan Cranston), protagonist of the TV series “breaking bad” – the real cause of the zombie Apocalypse that overtook Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and his team. The basis of the theory based on the fact that white, a brilliant chemist, was able to produce a drug that triggers unexplored for the brain and nervous system effects. The action of both series occurs in the southern United States.

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“Breaking bad”. Trailer in English

Further – more, in one of the series “Walking” Daryl (Norman Reedus) finds a stash of his brother Merle (Michael rooker) package with meth blue and later says that his supplier was a small white “junkie” who is constantly used in speaking a swear word for female dog. Description reminiscent of Jesse Pinkman, a character played by Aaron Floors in the TV series “breaking bad”. And in the fourth season of “breaking bad” the main character buys the son the Dodge Challenger of red color with white stripes on the body, and later talking on the phone with a dealer by the name of Glenn. In one of the first episodes of “the Walking dead” character Stephen young Glenn rides just like the car – although we know that Glenn is not exactly worked as a dealer and was a simple pizza delivery guy. Compounding the situation is that both series issued by the TV channel AMC: perhaps, in reality, the characters of the TV show are not connected, but the creators leave such clues deliberately in order to tease especially attentive spectators.

“The walking dead”. The trailer of the seventh season English

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